About Us

VirHarmonic is comprised of Ondrej Pochyly and Alex Hyde.

Ondrej Pochyly, Head Developer, lives in Bohemia in the Czech Republic which is quite handy because his partner and two dogs live there too. VirHarmonic is based there as well. What a convenient set-up.

Alex Hyde also lives in Bohemia in the Czech Republic and is often referred to as the "Tea boy" due to being British. On the side of tea boy duties, he runs all of VirHarmonics Visual Design, Marketing, Brand Direction and two sugars please.

Our Vision and why we get up in the morning

We never shy away from a challenge and our very first library "Voices of Prague" is proof of the commitment we have to provide advanced, beautiful, innovative libraries at an affordable price which we continue to improve and update.

The scale of our first project "Voices of Prague" catapulted us to the forfront of the V.I. Industry and we have continued on our path with the Choral Series and are on the verge of redefining Virtual Instruments with our Next Gen Soul Capture Series.

The world is full of rather talented individuals, VirHarmonic has managed to entice, grab, capture and arm twist many of these people into collaborating with us to create innovative, wonderful libraries.

Ondrej Gasek - Additional Sample Cutter
Jordi Cerezo - Scripting the Soul Capture Series & Website

Arnaud Sicard - Scripting The Choral Series
Justin Matthews - Scripting the Original Voices of Prague Version 1

Virharmonic s.r.o Šimpach 35, 395 01, Obrataň, ICO 06332471, Registered in Country Court of Czech Budweiser C26574.