Bohemian Violin Expansion 1 - Updated 28th February - Final Update before Release

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NEW UPDATE 13/12/2016 - Schedule Last updated 28th February



Dear Supporters,


Bohemian Violin Expansion 1 Bug fixing progress update:.


We have some good and not so good news. The good news is that we have identified the issues in our performance logic, but the not so good news is that there is a problem in the way we have captured one type of the onbow legatos and when in context, they don’t fulfil exactly what is asked of them and they do not properly fill the performance gap they were expected to fill. We have spent ages working the logic, before we have realized that the issue was also in the samples. The solution has been tested now and we are in progress of implementing the fix to release the beta. Below is our work schedule as we have it, so you can read through to get a rough expectation. This schedule is subject to change if required, but we believe that there shouldn’t be any big changes.

This type of scheduling will also be introduced to our other expansions as well as Cello Expansions after New Year, so you can track our progress and see where in the production process we are at any given time.


Last update - 7th December - Identify the bug causing predictability issue - Status: Complete

7th-14th December - Implement changes required to test the fixes in Test Model* - Status: Complete
*Test model - One octave version of our instrument Results of Test Model post changes: Satisfactory

14th-20th December - Re-Record the Legato type in all of its dynamics with changes based on the Test Model - Status -
Complete (Updated 22/12)

20-31st December - Process all newly recorded samples and add them to the Pre-Beta Build - Status - Complete (Updated 15/01)

2nd-7th January - Complete Assembly, tweak and Test the Pre-Beta Build - Status - Complete (Updated 03/02) - Testing Internally- Complete

5th - 9th January - Encode the Beta Release Candidate for Beta Testing - Status - Uploaded (15th February)and awaiting encoded version to begin Beta - Live Improv Video of the Expansion in Action released - link -

9th-25th January - Beta Testing of the Release Candidate - End phase once Beta testers of the release candidate are satisfied and all issues found are ironed out. - Status - Beta is now taking place. We expect to remain in Beta for 1 - 2 weeks before full open release. We will aim to keep it as short as possible. All Beta testers have been sent an email. (23rd February)


Beta is now concluding. We are preparing the final package for upload (to be uploaded for Encoding) and once we receive encoded version back (should be early next week) we will begin the release of Expansion 1 to all of you. MASSIVE THANK YOU TO ALL BETA TESTERS who went through this beta with us and for your hours of putting the violin performer through his paces ;) . You have helped us to identify last minor tweaks and errors which are now all fixed or tweaked and which will make the release version even better. Thank You. 






We will be updating the Schedule above as we go ahead on our Blog section of our website.

We would also like to take this opportunity to Wish you all a Very Merry Christmas (Holidays) and a Happy New Year. We are very grateful for all your support this year and we look forward to more innovation in 2017! 


Warm Regards

The VirHarmonic Team







Dear Supporters


This is an important update regarding the Bohemian Violin Expansion 1.


Sadly, we have to delay the release of the Expansion 1 due to a “predictability bug” we have discovered during testing, this is also the reason that open beta (release candidate testing) hasn't begun yet. This bug is proving to be a bit more challenging to solve than usual, but rest assured we will get to the bottom of it.


The decision was made in our team to be open about what the issue is and I with Ondrej will keep you posted about the progress we make. This bug effectively means that the performer isn’t 100% predictable and can act in a non musical way at times. When we tested the individual legato types they all work, but when assembled together across the whole range and with all dynamics we get an occasional issue in selection and we are working on identifying what exactly is causing it and how to fix it.


We would love to give an exact time scale to release, but with bugs like these, giving an ETA would be irresponsible on our end at least until the time we have a fix. If the fix can be delivered by script amendments then we might be able to release before Christmas (something all of us at Virharmonic wish ;) ) but if the bug requires any sample re-records then we would need to record during Christmas and we would like to make it clear now, that if that is what it takes to deliver Expansion 1 to you as soon as possible, then that is exactly what we will do even if it means working across the Holidays. Our commitment to you is to release the expansion 1 as soon as possible, but it needs to deliver what we have promised and work the way we know it can.


Please accept our sincere apologies for this delay. We will be updating our website and the blog with this update too to make sure that it is clear that we are delaying the release. We will also update you via another email in the coming weeks once we have a clear idea about the updated ETA to a fix.


Warm Regards


Alex Hyde & The VirHarmonic Team





"When we set out to deliver Bohemian series ( Part of the Soul Capture project), we have immediately realized, that we can't take the standard route to sampling to deliver a virtual performer. Our challenge was simple. To deliver a lifelike performer who can improvise around the composer’s input and this challenge resulted in Bohemian Violin Base version, which many of you now use. However right at the release, we have realized that while the Bohemian Violin is great, there is so much more we would like to add and expand on, so the Expansion programme was added to the library and in the original plan we wanted to add - On Bow legato (in 3 dynamics working via technique of Sample x Legato Transition Sample x Sample) and more Bow types. After the success of the Bohemian Violin we have realized that with your support we can do much more. While this delayed the Expansion 1 it has also completely changed the approach, flexibility and power of our original plan.

We are proud to present to you the Expansion One List of Features with our aimed Release date of 30th November 2016. Due to the massively expanded list we will also be increasing the RRP to 199 Euros instead of the originally planned 179 euros. The Expansion is Free for all Owners of the Bohemian Violin and the price will be changed on the release day of the Expansion.


Feature List :


Dynamic Legato - Automatically triggered by the virtual performer based on your play style and integrated into the True Bow changing currently in Base version (measured speed, bow position and bow direction as well as finger position with dynamic read out effects which legato is engaged at what time) Sampled as Sample x Legato with bow until end :



Bow Down pp dynamic slurred and fingered legato - Chromatically sampled at speed of full note

Bow Up pp dynamic slurred and fingered legato - Chromatically sampled at speed of full note

Bow Down mf dynamic slurred and fingered legato - Chromatically sampled at speed of full note

Bow Up mf dynamic slurred and fingered legato - Chromatically sampled at speed of full note



Number of factors determine if the legato is fingered or slurred such as originating finger and the most likely position of said finger as well as the most likely transition which would be taken by the performer.




Bow Down mp dynamic slurred and fingered legato-Chromatically sampled at speed of half note

Bow Up mp dynamic slurred and fingered legato- Chromatically sampled at speed of half note

Bow Down ff dynamic slurred and fingered legato- Chromatically sampled at speed of half note

Bow Up ff dynamic slurred and fingered legato- Chromatically sampled at speed of half note


Engaged at later bow positions as well as higher speeds to deliver more genuine lifelike performance.



Bow Down mf dynamic fingered and slurred legato- Chromatically sampled at quarter note.

Bow Up mf dynamic fingered and slurred legato- Chromatically sampled at quarter note.

Bow Down ff dynamic fingered and slurred legato- Chromatically sampled at quarter note.

Bow Down ff dynamic fingered and slurred legato- Chromatically sampled at quarter note.



Runs Legato and Trills


We have sampled these in both bow directions in two dynamics (mp-mf and f-ff - based on bow direction) up to the fifth interval


Portamento (Only forcible at the moment and not used by the performer by default as the performer already has slurred legato at it’s disposal)


Bow Down pp portamento interval, captured chromatically

Bow Up pp portamento interval, captured chromatically

Bow Down mf portamento interval, captured chromatically

Bow Up mf portamento interval, captured chromatically


Additional Bow types Excluding the ones included in the Legatos above :) :


Marcatos (2 Round Robins per Bow direction):

Bow Down mf

Bow Up mp

Bow Down ff

Bow up f


When capturing the Marcatos we have decided to integrate the natural dynamic bowing that occurs. It generates much more human touch to the performance.


Staccatos (4 Round Robins per Bow direction)

Bow Up pp

Bow Down pp

Bow Up mf

Bow Down mf

Bow up ff

Bow down mf


We hope that the above list explains why we have been at work for so long. This list came from months and months of testing and experimenting and aims to deliver an expansion which exceeds the original version in many ways, but is also causing us many sleepless nights as making something truly original hates any kind of deadline. Challenges we are currently working on are  memory optimization and guaranteed performance behaviour which we are still tweaking, but these features have been now approved (yes there were more we are testing ;) ). The Expansion will also include a large amount of tweaks and behaviour enhancements, but we will get to those closer to the release date, when we show off the Expanded version in Beta play through.  We hope you like the above list and now it is back to work for us, so we do our best to hit our planned release date of 30th November.




Thank you to All the supporters who are making this project of passion possible. It is your patience and continued support that drives and lets us to innovate. Thank You from the whole Virharmonic Team and we look forward to getting this Expansion into your Hands as soon as it is polished to our high standards."


Warm Regards


Ondrej Pochyly
Head Developer

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