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35000+ Unique Samples

Living Dynamics, Multiple True legatos

Sampled in pristine mid-side stereo

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Expansion 1 is RELEASED!!! Existing Users can login to their account and Download the Updated Version

It has been over 3 years now since we have embarked on our journey to create something truly unique!
Instead of making another Virtual Instrument we have made a Virtual Performer™.
The easiest to use and the most inspiring VI we could ever make!
Sampled in our ever evolving "in momentum melodic" sampling technique.

We present the Bohemian Cello Expansion 1

The one to match our Bohemian Violin in our new Soul Capture series.


Our virtual performer is a new look at how to make virtual instruments. We aim to deep sample the performers themselves rather then just their instruments. Due to the amount of types of samples recorded, we have developed a virtual performer to handle the articulations, many types of legatos and bow selection for you as you play. This allows you to concentrate on playing and being inspired in a similar fashion you would be inspired by working with a real cellist. Virtual Performer has just been expanded with Expansion 1 delivering more varied types of performance, many new legato types, powerful Mood selection (Improv, Czardas and Emotive) allowing you to change the behavior of the cellist on the fly and as we go through the different expansion stages we will carry on our hunt for the ultimate VI tool. All you need is velocity sensitive keyboard, machine that fits minimum specs and a melody in mind.


To make sure that the cellist doesn’t sound static and doesn’t fall to the common traps of other virtual instruments we had to sample a varied versions of bowings, large selection of legatos and bow styles, to offer enough variety and option to the users. The expanded version with unparalleled sample pool of 35000+ on single microphone position means that the variety is so complex that we have to use our Virtual Performer to handle more and more tasks. Moods allow us to do just that and yet allow you to control the Performers approach. Moods - changing complex behavior on the fly with a single keyswitch. For every note we have sampled over 32 variations including the on bow legatos in many dynamics, speeds and expression. Of course this still doesn’t account for 3 dynamics of Diminuendos going all the way to p- ppp with 2 round robin repetition and of course our short notes (Staccatos, Spiccatos and Pizzicatos) which have 4 repetitions per bow and per one of the 3 dynamic layers. Our Legato is fluent and with dynamic bowing and bow direction in the same spirit as the rest of the library, so instead of having simple transition crossfades we have captured the onbow legato in varied speeds and dynamics as well as expressions. Each of these articulations or moods can be forced on the performer using a assignable force key giving you the ultimate control over the performer should you choose to adjust his behavior.


When we began this journey to the performer’s soul we have realized that it can not be done all at once, so we have decided to do things in parts. You can already pick up the Bohemian Violin including Expansion 1, Cello including the Expansion 1, both are now with all the articulations necessary to write emotionally rich melodies or fast paced runs in Spiccato or on bow variations, but we are going beyond that and are still capturing even more of the performer. We will be doing expansions for each of our Soul Capture libraries until we are satisfied that 99% of the performer and their sound has been sampled and made available to you in a controllable and intuitive manner, in the same spirit as the current versions. To make sure that early adopters benefit from this setup all future expansions for each individual instrument in the Soul Capture Series are free.


Most of what we have originally stated as a plan for EXP1 2 and 3 has already been done in the Expansion 1, but we know that we can go beyond. We are building on the moods and we are adding more expression as we go forward. We have many ideas which we still want to implement and we are also listening to ideas of our community, so we will make more moods, even more flexibility and further updates, so we can make sure the performer fit your requirements and deliver for any type of performance like a real cellist would. Our commitment remains to Quality, Unparalleled Realism and Ease of use.


4.9Gb or 22Gb Installed based on your version selected from Download, 62Gb Original uncompressed content.
35000+ Samples recorded @96khz 24bit sample rate in pristine mid-side stereo.
Arcs, Mid Arcs, Sustains, Diminuendos, Marcatos, Staccatos, Spiccatos and Pizzicatos.
3 Deep Sampled Dynamics for Sustains with 2+ Round Robins per bow pianissimo, mezzo-forte & fortissimo. (pp-mf-ff).
2 transition (crescendo) dynamic layers with 2 round robin repetitions per bow on each arc type
3 Dynamic Layers of Diminuendos at 6+ seconds length for Beautiful end notes.
4 unique types of legatos in varied speeds in many dynamics including bow directions (C1-C5) : Slurred on bow, Fingered on bow, Bow changed, Portamento.
Virtual Performer enables incredibly easy live play, Auto selecting the bow types, legatos and bow positions based on your play style.


The UVI Workstation is provided with all VirHarmonic Libraries for free, there is no requirement for you to purchase any third party sampler.

Built on the UVI Engine, UVI Workstation is compatible with the full spectrum of modern plug-in formats and hosts on both major operating systems. UVI Workstation even comes with a stand-alone app, making it truly one of the most universally accessible tools in the industry.


UVI Workstation for Mac OS X

UVI Workstation for Windows (x64)

UVI Workstation User Guide


>Internet Connection.
>Mac OS x 10.8  (64bit).
>Windows 7+  (64bit).
>Hard Drive (HDD) 7200 rpm - Solid State Drive (SSD) recommended.
>4Gb RAM - 8Gb+ recommended.
>Free iLok account - no iLok dongle required.
>Free UVI Workstation vr 2.6.11+

>Velocity Sensitive Midi keyboard


Below is a range of videos & Tutorials for our Bohemian Cello Expansion 1
The Bohemian Cello is among the new Virtual Performers we have created in our Soul Capture Series of Libraries

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