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27th November 2017


Dear Supporters,


We are in the final stage of the developement now. At this point we are primarily looking at the behaviour of the Virtual performer and tweaking it to make sure that it plays with you regardless what you play or how skilled you are at the piano. The main issue at this stage is that behaviour tweaking is one of the most crucial parts (right after our painstaking sampling) to the feeling of the Bohemian Series, but easily the most likely part where we can get bogged down and have unpredictable delays. From the beginning we are trying to be as open as possible, but predicting schedules (exact dates) at this stage is very difficult. Internal schedules had us set for releasing Beta Candidate Today, but the latest build was not approved by Ondrej, as some parts of the behaviour are still not sitting perfectly with what we would expect, thus moving to beta of the Release candidate would be counter intuitive, as we want the Beta to test if the behaviour is perfect and if so, we can move to release, therefore Beta Candidate will come a bit later. This is the one part where saying "measure twice to tweak once" is the best description of what we do every day for 12 hours a day. On the bright side we believe that the Cello will come this year into full release and we are working around the clock to make sure that it matches to the quality and high expectations set by the Bohemian Violin.



We expect this to be our last update before beta is released.



Thank you for your continues patience and support as it helps us to spend the time required to make Bohemian Soul Capture Series.







We have completed the re-recordings for the Cello and will be moving onto Beta shortly (Shortly means any of the upcoming weeks. We are currently aiming to get it into Release candidate testing this month). We are processing all the retakes and then we will spend few days just making sure that the Beta Candidate is bug free and hopefully can become Release Candidate very shortly as we really can not wait to get the Cello Expanded out and move on to the next items on our long lists :D





We are currently hard at work finishing the Cello Expansion 1. We are making sure that the Cello is working as well (if not better ;) ) then the Bohemian Violin and we hope to move to beta release candidate any week now. We had hoped to go to beta this week, but we have identified a few samples in some areas of the Cello sample pool that we would like to retake before moving to the Release Candidate. We are now waiting on the retakes with the Cellist and once that is completed, all we do is process the samples and drop them into the program. Thanks to all the work we have done on the streamlining of the process this can done reasonably fast and still allow for final realease to happen in November.


We expect that the full release will take place in November as stated above with Beta beginning in the first half of November. Dates for recapture of the items in question are set and we can not wait to finally showcase what we have been cooking up for you this whole time.


Thank you for your patience and we are very confident that you will like the changes coming to the Bohemian Cello Expansion 1.





We have created a visual Dev Tracker this time on all 3 Libraries, to give more of an insight into our progress. The top of the tracker shows the most time intensive "Samples Captured" ,also the most complicated to manage as our talented musicians schedules can be a nightmare to arrange :) , we will be updating the infographic as we get closer to completion.


We wanted to bring all three libraries up to the same capabilities and start updating them closer together, so the Bohemian Viola will launch with Expansion 1 already included. We understand that our pricing model for the Violin and Cello would also be expected on the Viola, so to remain predictable and fair with our pricing, the Bohemian Viola will be available to existing customers at the base version price instead of the expansion 1 price for a limited time period. (more info on this will be sent out in our Newsletter, closer to release).


Now comes the time when we will be keeping you more up to date with the final stages of development and our future plans as we reach the quartet stage of the Soul Capture Series of Solo Strings.


Warm Regards

The VirHarmonic Team






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