Development Tracker - Bohemian Cello EXP1 - Violin EXP2 & Viola+EXP1 UPDATED 6th October

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Dear Supporters,


We have been busy over the last few months with capturing performers for the three Soul Capture Series Libraries. The recording sessions are now at an end and we are working towards Beta release of the Cello EXP1 in September (2nd Half) and Viola Release in October. These dates are subject to change of course in case few things take longer then expected.

We have created a visual Dev Tracker this time on all 3 Libraries, to give more of an insight into our progress. The top of the tracker shows the most time intensive "Samples Captured" ,also the most complicated to manage as our talented musicians schedules can be a nightmare to arrange :) , we will be updating the infographic as we get closer to completion.


We wanted to bring all three libraries up to the same capabilities and start updating them closer together, so the Bohemian Viola will launch with Expansion 1 already included. We understand that our pricing model for the Violin and Cello would also be expected on the Viola, so to remain predictable and fair with our pricing, the Bohemian Viola will be available to existing customers at the base version price instead of the expansion 1 price for a limited time period. (more info on this will be sent out in our Newsletter, closer to release).


Now comes the time when we will be keeping you more up to date with the final stages of development and our future plans as we reach the quartet stage of the Soul Capture Series of Solo Strings.


Warm Regards

The VirHarmonic Team






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